General Terms and Conditions

Your contract is with Finest Holidays d.o.o. (registered address Lovretska 5, 21000 Split, Croatia; OIB: 33590914429). Please read the information in our accompanying literature carefully (as reproduced on our website) and check the details confirmed to you of a booking made with us, as these form the basis of your contract. It is recommended that you as the customer make a print out of the Terms and Conditions valid at the time of making any booking.

By making the reservation for one or more accommodation units or services from the Agency's program, the Guest enters a legal relationship with the Agency and confirms to accept the General Terms And Conditions (in the text: Terms and Conditions). These are the basis for resolving any possible disputes between the Guest and the Agency. We therefore ask you to read them carefully. Finest Holidays d.o.o. (in the text: Agency), guarantees the authenticity of the displayed visual and written data related to the accommodation unit characteristics in their offer, available at, as well as the authenticity of the conditions under which they are offered. Object name that contains "villa" or "holiday house" does not indicate the categorization of the object. The terms "villa" and "holiday house" are used as components of the names and descriptions of objects and by no means as such are not related to the aforementioned classification. The Agency provides the services according to the published data, valid in the period when the reservation confirmation occurred, except in cases of the unpredicted situations, illness or death of the host or his family members; extraordinary circumstances which cannot be predicted or eliminated, such as: natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts, etc), wars, strikes, terrorist acts and restrictions issued by the state (mobilization, ban on leaving the country etc).

Making an inquiry can be done:

  • through the reservation form on the Agency's website,
  • our partner agencies which sell the Agency's services,
  • via e-mail ([email protected]) or via telephone contact: 00385915242814
Following the Guest's requests, the Agency sends all the reservation details in the form of offer via e-mail. By confirming the reservation, the Guest also confirms to fully understand and accept the Terms and Conditions that are binding for both, the Guest and the Agency. No reservation or booking of any Agency accommodation  will be valid unless and until Agency has received the required deposit/initial payment to secure a booking, as well as, a confirmed booking confirmation form from a customer in a form acceptable to Agency, for the avoidance of doubt, shall constitute an agreement to the general terms and condition of Agency.

The payment terms are as set out in the booking confirmation form referred to in paragraph 2 above. As a general rule, customers are required to make an initial payment to confirm the booking (without which no price or booking can be guaranteed) and a final payment a few weeks or months in advance of the arrival date. Certain Providers may also require a security deposit. To confirm a reservation, the Guest has to make a deposit payment of 30 - 50% of the total booking amount, depending on the accommodation unit. The deposit amount for requested accommodation unit is indicated in the offer that Agency sends o the Guest via e-mail. After paying the deposit, Agency generally receives the payment within 2-3 working days and has to inform the Guest about it within 2 working days after receiving it, as well as send a voucher with all the information concerning the reservation. The Guest is required to pay the rest of the total amount according to Terms and Conditions for each of the accommodation units, what will be indicated in the Agency's offer.  After making the second payment (the rest of the total amount), Agency will receive the payment within 2-3 working days. After receiving the payment, the Agency will inform the Guest within 2 working days about it and send a new voucher. This voucher will contain the information about the full payment of the reservation, according to the mutual agreement. For all the reservations where only the deposit payment was made, but the rest of the amount of the total price wasn't paid within the agreed deadlines, the Agency has the right to cancel the guest's reservation. The Agency uses the deposit payment as the cancellation fee and to cover the eventual costs. In case that the number of people who come to the accommodation unit exceeds the number of people indicated on the voucher, the service provider has the right to refuse providing the service to the unannounced guests or is able to accommodate all the guests and immediately charge the sudden services.

3.1 Methods of Payment
Only bank transfer payment method is offered by Agency  to the nominated bank account  of Finest Holidays d.o.o.  Any indicated price and booking can be guaranteed only when the payment is received (in cleared funds).

The Agency is responsible for providing the services and selecting the service providers, and at the same time caring about the rights and interests of the client in accordance to the tourism customs. The Agency will fulfill all of the above listed and described obligations, except in the extraordinary circumstances that the Agency has no effect on.


  • provide all the information indispensable for the reservation definition;
  • possess valid travel documents;
  • respect the customs and currency regulations of the destination country,
  • obey the customs, currency regulations and laws of the Republic of Croatia, as well as those of the transit countries during the journey. In case of impossibility of arriving at the destination, because of violating these regulations, all costs are have to be covered by the offender/the Guest;
  • obey the house rules in the accommodation units and kindly cooperate with the service providers;
  • present the voucher (where the correct number of people and service types are stated) to the service provider at the moment of arrival to the accommodation facility;
  • always check whether the destination country or any of the neighboring countries require a visa.
  • The guest is solicited to take good care of the accommodation in an appropriate way and respect the terms and conditions of the accommodation unit. The guest is requested to leave the accommodation unit neat and tidy upon check-out, in case of contravention a certain amount will be charged from the damage deposit for an additional cleaning service.

In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the Guest shall pay for all the costs and be responsible for eventual damages. By confirming the reservation, the Guest agrees that, in case of any damage, he/she will pay for it to the service provider.

In case the Guest wants to change or cancel the reservation, it always has to be done in writing (via e-mail. The changes may include: the number of people, the names of the guests, another date of the holiday beginning or ending (needs to be reported at least 90 days before arrival). The first reservation change is done without any additional charge, if possible. Each subsequent change will be charged in the amount of 15 euro/change. In case that the reservation change is not possible, and the Guest gives up on the already confirmed reservation, the terms listed below are applied. The date when the written cancellation notification is received by the Agency represents the basis for the calculation of all the cancellation charges. In case the written cancellation was not received within the working hours of the Agency, the cancellation date is considered to be the next working day:

  • If the Guest cancels a reservation before paying the rest to the total reservation amount, he/she is not obliged to that remaining amount to the total price.
  • If the Guest cancels the reservation after paying the rest to the total price, the money of all the deposit payments will not be refunded, but used to cover the costs of the late cancellation.

Any of the paid deposits, as well as the one which confirms the agreed reservation, are not refundable. The rest to the full reservation price should be paid upon the offer which the Guest received by the Agency.

In case the Guest has to cancel the reservation within the 7 days before the agreed arrival, he/she is allowed to find a new Guest for the same reservation period, if possible (this always depends also on the service provider). In this situation, the Agency will charge only the costs occurred because of the reservation changes, i.e. the change of the actual Guest. The new Guest accepts all the obligations written within these Terms and Conditions. If the Guest does not check in until midnight on the starting date of the holiday, and does not inform the Agency or the service provider about it, the reservation will be cancelled and the cancellation costs will be calculated as described above. If the actual costs exceed the above listed ones, the Agency holds the right to charge the actual costs. In case the Guest is unable to check in on the previously agreed day, and has informed the Agency and/or service provider about it, the accommodation unit is still kept for the Guest, based on the agreement. The Agency does not compensate for the cost of the passports or visas to the Guest, related to the cancellation of the Guests's reservation.

In the unlikely event that alterations and cancellations have to be instigated by us, we will inform you as soon as possible and if requested we will try to arrange alternative accommodation of a similar type, standard and location. If no alternative accommodation is available or acceptable, we will refund in full all monies paid and shall be under no other liability.

Agency does not provide any insurance cover. Without prejudice to the generality of the above, Agency does not provide any insurance cover in the case of (i) illness, accident or decease, (ii) any other loss or damage suffered by a customer during any holiday or (iii) any cancellation of the holiday. Providers may offer such insurance. Travel insurance remains the sole responsibility of all customers. We strongly advise that all customers take out suitable holiday insurance for the duration of their stay, including cancellation insurance. In respect of each booking which is made Agency, the customer undertakes on behalf of itself and all members of his/her party: (i) to arrange adequate holiday insurance which cover suitable to the activities they will be engaging in, (ii) not to hold Agency or any Provider responsible for any cost incurred by him/her or a member of his/her party due to his/her failure to take out adequate insurance, and (iii) to indemnify Agency and each of the Providers against any loss suffered or cost incurred by him/her or any member of his/her party due to his/her failure to take out adequate insurance cover.

The Guest is required, upon the arrival at the accommodation unit, to check everything together with the service provider. This is important in order to communicate the inadequate service and inform the Agency about all the eventual deficiencies in writing. In that case, all the problems will be solved as soon as possible, latest within the period of the 2 working days. After the Guests arrived and entered in an accommodation unit the agency service is considered fulfilled. If the Guest has a complaint on the contracted services, he/she is obliged to personally and immediately inform the service provider, the service provider's representative or the representative of the Agency, as well as inform the Agency about it in writing. All the potential problems in the unit will be solved as soon as possible, latest within the period of the 2 working days. For all resolved problems, the Guest has no right to complain about, while the Agency or the service provider cannot be subjected to any claim. In case the problem is not resolved even after the intervention, at least 6 days after the last day of reservation the Guest must send a written complaint with supporting documents and photographs that prove the reasons for the objection via e-mail at [email protected] or via standard mail to: Finest Holidays d.o.o., Lovretska 5, 21 000 Split, Croatia. The Agency will take into consideration only properly completed complaints, received within max. 6 days after the end of reservation. During the problem solving period, which can last 36 days at most after sending the complaint, the Guest cannot involve any other party, the UHPA arbitration or other institutions, as well as providing any information to the media. Also, during this period, the Guest agrees not to sue the Agency or the service provider. The maximum compensation amount can reach the total price of the inadequate service, and cannot include already provided services or the total amount of the reservation. This excludes the right of the Guest for ideal damage compensation. The Agency cannot be held responsible for the eventual weather conditions, sea temperature at the destinations and all other similar situations or events that can cause the Guest's dissatisfaction, and are not directly related to the quality of the accommodation units (eg. bad weather, bad maintained beaches, big crowds, stealing or property damaging, etc.). If the Guest made a "last minute booking" (making a reservation at the last moment), then he/she accepts all risks of that kind of holiday. These reservations include the uncertainty of the facts, on which the Agency can not affect, while the Guest made this reservation primarily because of the lower price and therefore has no right to complain about the organized reservation. By confirming the reservation and paying the deposit or the total amount, the Guest accepts all the above listed Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions exclude all previous travel terms and conditions.

Any Security Deposit shall be returned to a customer as soon as possible, but in any event at the latest by within 30 days of the end of the Holiday, unless the terms and conditions of any Provider provides otherwise. If a customer or any member of his party has caused any deterioration or damages to the property, these damages will be deducted from your Security Deposit.

Customers shall use the property booked for the Holiday only for the purpose for which it has been rented to them (personal lodging). It is forbidden to use the premises for any kind of commercial use during the rental (photo shoots, seminars, large parties etc.) unless expressly agreed in writing by Agency  or the relevant Provider or to take and/or use photographs of the Property for any commercial purpose. Customers shall not assign the rental agreement nor sublet the property in any circumstance whatsoever.

If you have any problem with any Provider (e.g. services badly supplied, damage caused etc.) you must raise your complaint or bring any claim directly against the Provider and inform Agency immediately. Agency will use all reasonable endeavors to assist you and try to find a solution with the Provider concerned.We may amend the GTC at any time without prior notice. If we do amend these terms and conditions, the amended terms will be effective when posted on this website

The Guest and Agency will attempt to settle any possible disputes amicably, and if this is not possible, both accept the jurisdiction of the Split court, while the applicable law will be the one of the Republic of Croatia.

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